Big Data to Useful Knowledge

Companies today are facing a deluge of data and need to be able to take advantage of it. We give you the big data edge to solve your problems with the right tools and our expertise.

What We Provide

Big Data Consulting

Experienced professionals for guidance on your next project to ensure that you use the right models, tools, and solutions.

Big Data Implementation

Implementation of data lakes and warehouses for better scalability of your systems and creating a "single source of truth"

Big Data Migration

Moving your data from traditional antiquated data storage systems to big data solutions with integration solutions

Big Data Intelligence

Dashboard integration, Predictive analytics, or even NLP solutions - we will develop solutions for all your business problems

Big Data Training

Leveraging our expertise to train in-house teams to be big data equipped with curated curriculums and hands on sessions

Big Data From Scratch

All of the above in one single package to take your company to complete big data capabilities - from technologies to people.

Why Choose Us?

Bangalore Data Engineering Consultants is a team of experienced professionals that can take your big data capabilities to the next level.

  • Experience helps avoid common pitfalls

  • Expertise in diverse technologies

  • Use of the right technology for the right problem

  • Hands on approach to go from strategy to implementation

We will help you use your data to transform your company - either as an extended team or as part of your own data engineering departments